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Bag a free copy of my book...

....over at The Romance Studio. The draw only runs for 24 hours, so go enter now! Plus...

The Bound to the Beast blog tour continues! Today, I'm chatting and sharing a sizzling excerpt over at Dawn's Reading Nook.


Click here to find out more about about Bound to the Beast and for 'buy it now' links



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Apr. 25th, 2012 02:51 pm (UTC)
Okay, thing is, I don't want to pollute your entries with my comments too often (besides you're too nice and always reply and I don't want to 'make' you waste your time, if that makes any sense..), but now I have to. A belated congrats on that wonderful 4,5 star review! Can imagine it's no fun talking about yourself like that, but you have very interesting things to say and I love reading your blogs (the moldy desk and forgetting your wedding anniversary, haha!).

Next I was about to compare you to 'troll Gary' :p Talking about announcing exciting news over the weekend, and then.. nothing.. (curious and all that, you know :p). (Just to make sure - because of my lack of English fluency and in case the ':p's' don't save me - I am joking of course ;)). Doesn't change the fact I was curious though, in a patientish fashion ;) But you mentioned Catching Kit in above blog, so I prematurely squeed.. And now I've read about a signed contract?! *squeeing for real!!!*

Finally found time to start reading 'the beast' btw and that prologue is just grand! Was instantly hooked and can't wait to finish it (preferably in one go ;))! Pff, you're busy enough without me rambling on. I'll be quiet now!!
Apr. 25th, 2012 06:01 pm (UTC)
*hugs*! Aw, I love comments and love replying so never worry :D And thanks so much for your kind words. hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview. I'm not much good at talking about myself and always worry I come across as deeply uncool as I really am...

Hehe, you know, I forgot I mentioned about my forthcoming news. You're quite right, it was about the contract for Catching Kit. I meant to make a bit announcement, and then I totally forgot, and sort of leaked it out here and there! Silly me! Hehe, yes, bad as naughty Gary...

Aw, so glad you're enjoying Beast so far! The prologue was actually added later, as suggested by my editor, but she made an amazing call, as it really added to the book and made it feel more epic. Hope you enjoy the rest as much :D *more massive hugs*
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